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Jockey Sport Micro Boxer Brief

This boxer-style Brief is from the heart of the Jockey world and first-rate for the active individual, made from 100% breathable and stretch-friendly fabric, these Brief are peerless for keeping you comfortable all day long.

Jockey Sport Microfiber Boxer Brief

These shorts are unrivaled for a day out on the horse or in the saddle, they have a comfortable fit and are microfiber with a black lookalike. This Jockey active Micro boxer Brief is a must-have Brief for any man who loves to ride, this Brief imparts a snug fit and is fabricated from a comfortable Micro stretch fabric that will never show up in wears. Plus, the long leg system ensures that you'll be able to take this Brief to each game, these boxer briefs are terrific solution for any under-the-booth question. They have a tight-fitting micro-pocket construction that makes them comfortable to wear, and they offer an 2-pack alternative for each size, the size 5 x-large is an unequaled size for an 2 nd or 3 rd hand. These shorts are must have for any jockey! They have two pockets inside the shorts for your passport and your riding gear, the black makes them look beneficial and also means that they won't get caught on cameras.